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REVIEW: "radioactivity counter" - geiger counter app for smartphone

app price: 3,50 EUR = $5 USD - starts with software review; radiation readings from 08:45; summary from 14:00. homepage for app: ...

RadioactivityCounter for Android - REAL working Geiger counter + 10Sv/h Image

Based on the CMOS camera sensors we succeeded in developing an App for android mobiles, working as a real Geiger Counter. This is not a fun app as many ...

Smartphone geiger counter app

Breve test dell' app "RadioactivityCounter" (Hotray Ltd.) disponibile per iOS e android. Si tratta di un rilevatore di radiazioni ionizzanti basato sull CCD ...

RadioactivityCounter App (iPhone & Android) and Geiger-Counters measuring Thorite Crystal

Measuring a rare cut thorite crystal - (Th,U)[SiO4] - from my private collection of active minerals. The crystal emits mainly β and γ rays. You can see various ...

testing semiconductor radiation detector for smartphones

this time, i am testing a small radiation detector for smartphones (which comes at a price of 45 euros). my first test includes the android version of the detector, ...


In this video I do a review on a very unique piece of prepping equipment a pocket Geiger for your iphone. It is well worth the money and very affordable.

Android Geiger Counter PRO App

Link to Market: Fake Geiger Counter for Android Devices. NEW: Experimental metal detect supprt.

Smart Geiger FSG-001 intro

Smart Lab geiger counter - suitable for rough measurement of radioactivity.

Smart Lab Smart Geiger

Smart Geiger from Smart Lab is a world smallest Personal Environment Monitor This Video show how it is function.

Geiger counter, Smart Geiger, Nuclear radiation dosimeter, radiation detector

Geiger counter, Smart Geiger, Nuclear radiation dosimeter, radiation detector Description It is tiny, beautifully designed with Aluminum body Semiconductor ...

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