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Radioactivity Counter

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放射能カウンターこれは本当の作業放射能カウンターである。 我々はカメラセンサーを geiger mueller カウンターのように、放射能を検出するために使う。 我々は1-10のGy / h.まで2つのμGy / hの範囲でプロフェッシナル放射能装置を使ってミュンヘンドイツで Helmholz 研究所でいくつかの移動電話をテストした。
現在最初のリリース候補者。 価格は後で上昇するであろう。我々のホームページであなたは我々がすでにテストした異なった装置に対するいくつかの測定結果を見いだす。
どうか電子メールによって我々に若干のフィードバックを送ってください。 我々は速くあなたに手を貸そうとするであろう。
もしあなたが手助けを必要とするなら、我々に電子メールを送りなさい。 我々はコメントのセクションに答えるために困難を持っている。 我々は可能な限り速く助ける。 どうかあなたがこのアプリケーションに関して持っているどんな問題に関してでも我々と連絡を取ってください。 youtube の上に我々の映画を見なさい。 もっと多くの映画がプロデュースされるであろう。
Disclaimer: The type of radiation picked up by the camera can be dangerous/detrimental to the user's health as well as cause damage to the device.
Important you NOISE value should be similar as in our tables, if it is too high check the tape to cover the lense - use multiple tapes if necessary and start calibration again !!! Please before writting a bad one star comment write us, we will help you very quickly PLEASE !!! But we have difficult to contact someone without contacting us to find out whats wrong. Also take a look at our home for measuring hotspots with less than 1µSv/h which is currently not automatic but possible.
This is a real working radioactivity counter NOT a JOKE. You only need a BLACK TAPE to cover the lenses !! It's using the camera sensor to detect radiation, like a geiger mueller counter. We tested several mobile phones at the Helmholtz research facility using a professional radiation device in the range of 2-10 µGy/h till 1-10 Gy/h (CS137 and CO60). PLEASE SEND US FEEDBACK via EMAIL ! We add new devices in short intervals (next are the Droid 2 or Milestone 2 series - in the medium sensitivity field)Attention: the tape must shield the light completely. Please check with a light source !
The sensor mainly can detect GAMMA radiation (CS137 etc.) some BETA (SR90) if its not blocked by the plastic or metal - depends on the energy on the mobile phone construction. We CANNOT detect ALPHA (AM241, PO210) its completely shielded. We CANNOT detect low beta (H3 tritium), K14 (too low energie to pass the plastic), difficult for K40 (KCL 16 Bq/g - some gamma emitted but takes HOURS to measure). Radium has some gamma components (first Alpha, then Beta in the decay chain), use a 3mm copper shield to be compareable with GM Tubes. For background noise, use a LONG measurement time and us ethe log files in a spreadsheet to compare. CPM0 is the noise of the SENSOR + radiation of backgroundnoise. If you phone has 200 CPM at 100 uGy/h (see tables on homepage) then 0.1 uGy/h means 0.2 CPM. That is every 10 minutes you get 2 meaningful counts the rest is CMOS sensor noise ! So you need a long time to compare it with 0.2 uGy/h. But some phones are more sensitive than this some less. Getting better with higher radiations. Our App is not going in saturation as quickly as GM tubes (some finish at 300 uGy/h). We can also measure pulsed radiation up to 4000 Gy/h (not a typing error).
If your device is not listed, please send us an email we might help you shortly.Feel free to use our table to assign radiation values to our counter measurements when you have the same device. The real values might differ as sensors can change. There we need your help and the help of the manufactures for a future calibration service.You can use the contact button in the help menu to provide us with feedback and please use it.The app can log counter values and the resulting statistic can be sent by email (Csv) or saved as csv or html file. Help supporting this idea by buying the App please.
If you need any help, send us an email. We have difficulty to answer the comment section of the rating system. We help as fast as possible.
We just released a comprehensive help on our homepage also available in japanese language. 日本語でのヘルプテキスト。